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Autor: nieznany (XVI wiek)
Opracowanie: CC-BY-SA Mjchael i JuLiBu

\version "2.12.3"

\header {
  title = "Greensleeves"
  poet = "Słowa: autor nieznany (XVI wiek)"
  composer = "Muzyka: autor nieznany (XVI wiek)" 
  tagline = ""

\layout {
  indent = #0

akordy = \chordmode {
%    \germanChords
    \set chordChanges = ##t
    s8 a1*6/8:m g a:m e a:m g a1*3/8:m e a1*6/8:m c g a:m e c g a1*3/8:m e a1*6/8:m

global = {
  \tempo 4. = 55
  \time 6/8
  \key a \dorian

melodia = \relative c'' {
  \partial8 a8
  c4 d8 e8. fis16 e8
  d4 b8 g8.( a16) b8
  c4 a8 a8.( gis16) a8
  b4 gis8 e4 a8
  c4 d8 e8. fis16 e8
  d4 b8 g8.( a16) b8
  c8.( b16) a8 gis8.( fis16) gis8
  a4 a8 a4 r8
  g'4.g8.( fis16) e8
  d4 b8 g8.( a16 b8)
  c4( a8) a8.( gis16) a8
  b4 gis8 e4.
  g'4.g8. fis16 e8
  d4 b8 g8.( a16) b8
  c8. b16 a8 gis8.( fis16) gis8
  a4. a4
  \bar "|."

tekst = \lyricmode {
A -- las, my lo -- ve, you do me wrong,
to cast me off dis -- cour -- teous -- ly.
For I have lo -- ved you well and long,
de -- ligh -- ting in your com -- pa -- ny.
Green -- sleeves was all my joy
Green -- sleeves was my de -- light,
Green -- sleeves was my heart of gold,
and who but my la -- dy Greensleeves.

\score {
    \new ChordNames { \akordy }
    \new Voice = "air" { \melodia }
    \new Lyrics \lyricsto "air" { \tekst }
\midi {}
\layout {}

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A-Amlas, myClove, youGdo meEmwrong,

ToAmcast me off dis-Ecourteously.

ForAmI haveCloved youGwell andEmlong,

De-AmlightingEin yourAmcompany.


CGreensleeves wasGall myEmjoy

AmGreensleeves wasEmy delight,

CGreensleeves was myGheart ofEmgold,

AndAmwho but myEladyAm,greensleeves.


A-Amlas, myClove, thatGyou shouldEmown

AAmheart of wantonEvanity,

SoAmmust ICmedi-Gtate a-Emlone

Up-Amon yourEinsin-Amcerity.


YourAmvows you'veCbroken,Glike myEmheart,

Oh,Amwhy did you so en-Erapture me?

NowAmI re-Cmain in aGworld a-Empart

ButAmmy heart re-Emains in cap-Amtivity.


IfAmyou in-Ctend thusGto dis-Emdain,

ItAmdoes the more en-Erapture me,

AndAmevenCso, IGstill re-Emmain

AAmloverEin cap-Amtivity.


I've Ambeen CreadyGat yourEmhand,

ToAmgrant whateverEyou would crave;,

IAmhave bothCwageredGlife andEmland,

YourAmlove andEgood-willAmfor to have.


ThouAmcouldst de-Csire noGearthlyEmthing,

ButAmstill thou hadst itEreadily.

ThyAmmusicCstill toGplay andEmsing;

AndAmyet thouEwouldst notAmlove me.


AmI bought theeCkerchiefsGfor thyEmhead,

ThatAmwere wrought fine andEgallantly;

IAmkept theeCat bothGboard andEmbed,

AmWhich cost myEpurse well-Amfavoredly.


AmI bought theeCpetticoatsGof theEmbest,

TheAmcloth so fine asEit might be;

AmI gave theeCjewelsGfor thyEmchest,

AndAmall thisEcost IAmspent on thee.


ThyAmsmock ofCsilk, bothGfair andEmwhite,

WithAmgold embroideredEgorgeously;

ThyAmpetti-Ccoat ofGsendalEmright,

AndAmthese IEbought theeAmgladly.


MyAmmen wereCclothedGall inEmgreen,

AndAmthey did everEwait on thee;

AllAmthis wasCgallantGto beEmseen,

AndAmyet thouEwouldst notAmlove me.


TheyAmset theeCup, theyGtook theeEmdown,

TheyAmserved thee with hu-Emility;

Thy Amfoot mightCnot onceGtouch theEmground,

AndAmyet thouEwouldst notAmlove me.


'TisAmI willCpray toGGod onEmhigh,

ThatAmthou my constancyEmayst see,

AndAmthat yetConce be-Gfore IEmdie,

ThouAmwilt vouchEsafe toAmlove me.


Ah,AmGreens-Cleeves, nowGfarewell,Emadieu,

ToAmGod I pray toEprosper thee,

For AmI amCstill thyGloverEmtrue,

ComeAmonce a-Egain andAmlove me.

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