Programowanie w systemie UNIX/indent

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Przykład formatowania kodu z biblioteki flint (fragment z pliku code_conventions.txt):

Code formatting

The C code should follow the style produced by the following call to "indent",

    indent -bap -blf -bli0 -cbi0 -cdw -cli4 -cs -i4 -l79 -nbad -nbc -nce -npcs -nprs -nut -pmt -psl -saf -sai -saw -sbi0 -ss -ts4

which is explained as follows:

    -bap   Force blank lines after procedure bodies
    -blf   Put braces on line following function definition line
    -bli0  Indent braces 0 spaces
    -cbi0  Indent braces after a case label 0 spaces
    -cdw   Cuddle while of do {} while
    -cli4  Case label indent of 4 spaces
    -cs    Put a space after a cast operator
    -i4    Set indentation level to 4 spaces
    -l79   Set maximum line length for non-comment lines to 79
    -nbad  Do not force blank lines after declarations
    -nbc   Do not force newlines after commas in declarations
    -nce   Do not cuddle else
    -npcs  Do not put a space after the function in function calls
    -nprs  Do not put a space after every ( and before every )
    -nut   Use spaces instead of tabs
    -pmt   Preserve access and modificaion times on output files
    -psl   Put the type of a procedure on the line before its name
    -saf   Put a space before each for
    -sai   Space after each for
    -saw   Space after every while
    -sbi0  Indent braces of a struct, union or enum 0 spaces
    -ss    On one-line for and while statements, for a blank before ;
    -ts4   Set tab size to 4 spaces